What is SpeedIT ?

The SpeedIT Tools library provides a set of accelerated solvers for sparse linear systems of equations. Manifold acceleration, e.g. more than an order of magnitude, is achieved with a single reasonably priced NVIDIA Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) that supporst CUDA and proprietary advanced optimisation techniques.

The library can be used in a wide spectrum of domains arising from problems with underlying 2D and 3D geometry, such as computational fluid dynamics, electromagnetics, thermodynamics, materials, acoustics, computer vision and graphics, robotics, semiconductor devices and structural engineering. The library can be also used for problems without defined geometry such as quantum chemistry, statistics, power networks and other graphs and chemical process simulation.

All computations are performed with single or double floating point precision. Two linear system solvers and two preconditioners are supplied.



Latest release:

  SpeedIT Classic   SpeedIT 2.4   SpeedIT Plugin to OpenFOAM

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